Perform Prevent Rehab

Balance . Quickness . Power

Plyometric Products focuses on scientific development and improved training, therapeutic and conditioning equipment that delivers measurable improvements in the physical rehabilitation, preventative health, recreation and athletic performance markets.

Plyometric Products has three business divisions:


Performance activities focus on the development and creation of athletic performance equipment for youth, college, professional and commercial fitness markets. These products incorporate the principles of Plyometric training with emphasis on explosive-reactive strength and high-level performance at the competitive level.


The preventative unit focuses on the ongoing scientific research and development of training, conditioning and therapeutic products to improve the overall health and well-being of a targeted population. This unit involves problem definition and solving with clinical, academic and healthcare providers with and emphasis on clinical testing. The overall goal of this unit is to create value in the health care community by improving the well-being of those who suffer from balance, strength, and stability deficits.


The rehabilitative unit focuses on the physical therapy side of plyometric exercises. These low-intensity variations of plyometrics are utilized in all the various stages of injury rehabilitation. Conducting these exercises with the application of proper technique and proper safety precautions make plyometrics safe and powerfully effective for most people.